A Cough and Sore Throat Combo



Many people are out in search for a cure for sore throat and cough. The truth is that this is often a virus that needs to work its way out of the system.

Sometimes, people need penicillin for a cough or sore throat. Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis. Be sure to visit one at the first signs of illness if a person needs a sick note for work or is curious as to if medicine is needed.

A doctor will take a throat swob to rule out strep throat. The results will be back in a few days. But if there is both a sore throat and cough, then this could be a cold. A doctor will keep an eye on the cough that it does not turn into bronchitis.

In the meantime, people can indulge in some at home remedies that are not a cure for sore throat and cough, but they can help manage the symptoms.